LAN / WAN Connectivity

State-of-the-art leader Hi-performance Local Area Network Hardware and Software solutions and products from standard and reputed manufacturers. Some of our standard LAN products include:

    • HP, COMPAQ, IBM & UNITRON Servers and Workstations.
    • HP, COMPAQ & IBM Notebook/Mobile Computers.
    • Microsoft Networking software and allied products.
    • Computer Associates / NAI protection / Seagate Veritas software products.
    • Novell NetWare Networking software and allied products.
    • Lotus Notes/Domino & allied products.
    • Cisco, 3COM, Intel, Accton & D-Link Network products.
    • AT&T, BICC, Hubbell based UTP, Gigabit or Fiber Optic cabling.
    • Microtest, Fluke LAN testing equipment.