Data Center Installations

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The datacenter is the powerhouse that enterprises use to integrate storage devices, networking devices, applications, and data.

Data Center Installation

Datacenter installation is a complex job that only a highly experienced provider can implement. CAD Gulf has the proven expertise to provide state of the art datacenter installation services to clients across the UAE. Our trained specialists give you the perfect solution that can help you save on resources and applications. We are highly-competent to design data centers that effectively integrate core components including routers, switches, firewalls, storage, backup, power and systems to provide seamless connectivity within an enterprise. We know how important the data center is for your business success. 

Data Center Installation

Our data center specialists provide solutions with the appropriate resources, tools, and equipment, rack mounting, uniterrupted power supply, connections to external networks, considering ventilation and airflow, and the data center cabling infrastructure. We provide full-service data center installation for enterprises and small & medium-businesses ensuring high productivity and business efficiency. Our engineers make every effort to deliver premium and cost effective technologies to provide innovative data center solutions. We cover the core elements of a data center including the network infrastructure, storage infrastructure, and computing resources.

We are specialized to offer the following types of data center installations in Dubai
And with our successful data center installations your business can seamlessly support activities that include:

Whether you plan to upgrade an existing data center or to build a new one, contact us and our highly experienced professionals are on hand to help you. Get in touch with us to know in detail about our data center services in the UAE.

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