Hardware Maintenance

Hardware maintenance is worthwhile when it comes to ensuring proper operation.

CAD Gulf provides hardware maintenance services in UAE that manages server, storage, network equipment, and system components in an enterprise. Our team of expert engineers are available to ensure your equipment is maintained to prevent downtime and for best performance. They are trained, experienced, and dedicated to maintaining high-performing hardware. We strive to deliver cost-effective and premium maintenance services to maximize the performance of the systems including backup devices, servers, switches, printers, and other endpoint technologies.

hardware maintenance

Our engineers proactively detect hidden flaws that can grow into major problems, and with proper maintenance, we ensure the equipment can deal successfully with demanding situations. Our maintenance contracts offer an all-inclusive solution for maintaining equipment in your enterprise environment, be it in the data center or the remote office, or a vital area. 

Our preventive maintenance helps to reduce possible downtime and enhance the health and uptime of your equipment. At CAD Gulf we focus our attention on giving our clients solutions that lead to greater satisfaction and enhanced productivity. 

We extend the life cycle of your critical hardware equipment through all-inclusive maintenance services. Here are the benefits you get through our services. 


Reliable and Efficient

CAD Gulf LLC provides hardware maintenance services that save cost and time by freeing up resources to focus more on productivity.


Improved SLA’s

Understanding the enterprise requirements comprehensively, we put forth a service level agreement that works best for them.


Best-in-class support

With a team of trained and experienced professionals we respond to your request seriously and fix the problem in a prompt and professional manner.


Huge cost savings

We provide maintenance services for an extensive range of equipment at a cost effective offering helping enterprises make more efficient use of their precious technology budgets.



Our engineers have the expertise to provide maintenance services for technologies from a very large number of premium vendors.

CAD Gulf deals with best practices of maintenance that ensure complete security of your enterprise data. To keep your critical IT hardware up and running efficiently, why not give us a call today to better understand how our maintenance service can benefit you?
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