Server Support & Maintenance

The enterprise server is the pillar of your IT infrastructure - the central area where enterprise data is stored. It is vital to keep your enterprise server updated and maintained to ensure smooth business operation. CAD Gulf has in-depth expertise in providing server support and maintenance to organizations.

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Hardware Maintenance

CAD Gulf provides hardware maintenance services in UAE that manages server, storage, network equipment, and system components in an enterprise. Our team of expert engineers are available to ensure your equipment is maintained to prevent downtime and for best performance. They are trained, experienced, and dedicated to maintaining high-performing hardware.

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Software Support

A business ecosystem is often reliant on applications or software to successfully run the operations. Precise functioning of the software is essential to achieve flawless performance in real-time, it needs continuous upgrades, product patches, and real support. CAD Gulf provides support for your business-critical applications that help enterprises to reap the benefits.

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Data Center Installations

The datacenter is the powerhouse that enterprises use to integrate storage devices, networking devices, applications, and data. Datacenter installation is a complex job that only a highly experienced provider can implement. CAD Gulf has the proven expertise to provide state of the art datacenter installation services to clients across the UAE.

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Disaster Recovery Planning

A disaster recovery plan is an integral part of an enterprise that ensures business continuity regardless of the disaster. Enterprises should prepare for any form of disaster - natural disaster or cyber-attacks - with a proper disaster recovery plan. CAD Gulf LLC provides disaster recovery planning to ensure your business is ready to withstand any sort of disaster that can impact the business...

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System Upgrades

Technology upgrades can improve IT productivity and enable the workforce to accomplish more in less time. It is time to think about system upgrades to ensure your enterprise runs smoothly and efficiently. CAD Gulf provides best-in-class solutions for software and hardware upgrades that help enterprises to reap the benefits. We take care of your critical systems, software or hardware...

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IT Security

IT security refers to a set of security measures that organizations implement to protect network, data and computer systems from cyber threats. IT security is critical for your business that it prevents the computer and network systems from online dangers

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Network Infrastructure Support

A robust, scalable network infrastructure improves business operations beyond comparison. Network structure connects everything - connects each workforce, IT systems, and resources in your enterprise. As such, your network infrastructure support must be capable of creating an environment that is efficient, supportive, and productive.

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End User Technology

Today, technology works on every workspace across industries. Employees use workstations, laptops, scanners, printers, mobile devices, videoconferencing systems to transact, engage and generate work. Many feel that access to emerging technologies can improve their decision making and let them generate work efficiently and productively.

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Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is essential to the smooth functioning of IT equipment CAD Gulf LLC keeps your systems in good working condition with preventive maintenance. The maintenance is carried out by an expert team to prevent possible failures and to improve the functioning of a system and its components. The maintenance includes both...

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CAD and Engineering Solutions

Computer Aided Design or CAD assists the design processes across all industries. CAD solutions provide the technical drawing that let you visualize properties like height, width, material and color before the model is used for any particular application. CAD is widely used in various applications including manufacturing, architecture, construction, building and entertainment, automotive, aerospace and shipbuilding.

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