Primary Solutions


Blade server is an ultra-compact server designed to be installed within a special chassis, which is designed for supplying support infrastructure to blades via a backplane connection.

Significant benefits of deploying blade servers are as mentioned below:-

  • Lower operational cost
  • Low power, space and cooling requirements
  • Less cabling requirements
  • More efficient and better administration and management



One of the most important decisions an information technology department needs to make it is decide which Storage technology is good and cost effective for their Business. End user can select a Directly Attach Storage (DAS), Network Attached Storage (NAS) or Storage Area Network (SAN) based on their requirement.



Companies should be serious about protecting their data and information as they grow in terms of technology advancement the potential chances of data leakage is high. There are enormous ways where your company confidential information can reach to wrong hands and your business may be at risk.

There are several solutions which are available for data protection and security. Enterprise Data Protection ensures an effective security solution that reduces the complexity, management, and maintenance costs of the organization’s IT infrastructure; it provides an integrated security platform with centralized policy management and reporting for seamless, cost-effective management of encrypted data; it establishes a foundation for addressing future data protection needs, business processes, and regulatory compliance mandates for your business.


Email Archiving Solution:-

For most organizations, email is the most significant driver of growing storage requirements. To combat this explosive growth, you typically enforce a mailbox quota on employees but these tactics tend to increase email management overhead and force end users to circumvent the process and create PST or NSF files. This shifts the storage pain to shared network drives, laptops, and external hard drives and introduces data loss, corruption, and backup challenges.

Email archiving solution frees users from quota frustrations while improving Exchange Server performance and scalability. Implementing email archiving solution can provide your organization with the following principal benefits:-

  • A central on-premise or cloud-based email archiving solution can also allow users to save and archive PST and NSF files, as well as data from other critical information sources.
  • Faster and more seamless email migrations by archiving old and duplicate email before you migrate.
  • Intuitive end user access to archived email while online or offline.
  • Proactive compliance with consistent retention policies and faster search for eDiscovery.


Web Application Firewall

As there hundreds of vulnerabilities and attacks increasing Web Servers are bound to compromise. It is not possible to protect the Web Servers only by Deploying a IDS/IPS when the Web Server is accessed more number of unknown users. Web Application Firewall protects web servers from data breaches and websites from defacement without administrators waiting for clean code or even knowing how an application works.

Placed between the Internet and the web servers, Web Application Firewall scans all web input to block attacks from ever touching the servers. Web Application Firewall also scans outbound traffic providing highly effective data loss prevention (DLP). With features that optimize application delivery and availability, Web Application Firewall is a necessary solution for web-application delivery.



Manage your Server infrastructure more efficiently and respond rapidly to the changing needs of your business, optimize resources and improve flexibility across the IT infrastructure by VIRTUALIZATION. The benefits of virtualization extend beyond the immediate savings of reducing your hardware investment. You also realize benefits such as easy hardware reuse and redeployment, server configuration in minutes, and streamlined provisioning and maintenance. Ease the burden on your staff, so they have time to focus on other Business Demands. Virtualization solutions can help provide a flexible infrastructure for your data center.

Business benefits of Virtualization are as mentioned below:-

  • Scalability
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Cost Savings
  • Easy Administration and Management
  • Effective Infrastructure Utilization
  • Respond quickly to the increasing business demands