Web Application

What is Internet?

The Internet is the most rapidly expanding commercial resource in the world. With over 100 million users worldwide (increasing daily) it is not a medium to be ignored lightly. Millions of businesses, commercial enterprises and individuals are already utilizing the Internet to communicate with each other, conduct business globally and access the huge resource of goods, services and information available on-line.

Why should you have a presence on the World Wide Web?

Your Business and The Internet

It is a common misconception that putting your company on the web is a difficult and expensive task. For those with little or no knowledge of the Internet it can seem a daunting prospect, because of this developing a web site is something that smaller businesses keep putting off. By doing so they are missing out on the vast opportunities to be had through Internet promotion.

So what would you put on the web and why would you bother? A good way of looking at your company’s web site is too see it as an electronic brochure. A brochure adds a professional edge to your company. It provides your customers with information about your company and projects the company image to potential clients. These days almost every business has a brochure or leaflet outlining the main products and services they offer. In the same way your web site will be a continuation of the company brochure.

What are the advantages of being On-line?

The Web Site

Provide Information about your business:

· Introduce your company, its history and development
· Inform customer of new developments, services and offers
· Contact details
· Instantly accessible information, without having to wait for the postal system.

Promote your business: 

· Publish your brochure at a fraction of hard copy costs and reach a wider audience
· Have a web based ordering or booking service
· Update brochure as and when required without the expense of a reprint
· Provide product and service information on-line Communicate
· Provide a feedback response form for your customers to tell you what they want.
· Offer product support by e-mail.

People see businesses with a web site as a business that is in touch with today’s market. By advertising your web site on your business cards, brochures and print ads you will certainly boost your business image. If planned and designed properly a web site gives your company instant credibility.

Even the smallest of businesses will benefit from having a presence on the Internet. The Internet is an effective means of reaching local markets especially when used in conjunction with other mediums of advertising. Your web site provides an affordable way for your business to advertise day and night, every day of the year.

What are the methods and guidelines in creating a web site? 

The web site development process can be split into nine steps:

· Identification and registration of a domain name and web space acquisition.
· Planning, determining objectives and deciding target audience
· Developing organizational structure of the web site (flowchart).
· Gathering of materials required, e.g. copy, graphics, photographs etc.
· Designing graphic elements.
· Creating rough draft of the site with key pages for preliminary approval.
· Making amends as per client instruction (if applicable).
· Completing all the pages of the web site.
· Final approval, fine tuning and going live. We can do most of the work for you, however there   are a few things we recommend our clients prepare for themselves:
· The organizational structure of the site. It is your site and you will have ideas on how you would   like the site to look and flow (we will give guidance in this process if required)
· Relevant materials. We suggest our clients start gathering materials such as copy and pictures   during the planning stage – your existing brochure would be ideal.