The audacious vision of VMWare Horizon

When VMWare announced its Horizon product strategy, one component of the suite, Horizon Mobile, attracted the most attention because it was one of the first solutions announced for creating dual persona Android devices.

The concept of giving mobile devices users two completely separate workspaces, one personal and the other corporate, has gained a lot of traction since then. BlackBerry 10 includes a similar feature known as BlackBerry Balance, Samsung has made it signature feature of its KNOX enterprise device program, and several mobile management vendors have released containerization products that offer secure and managed environments on Android and iOS devices.


In all the hype about dual persona options (from VMWare and other companies), it’s easy to overlook the broader concept that the Horizon Suite represents. Securing Android is just one feature of a single Horizon product. The complete line actually represents a series of solutions for mobile devices running Android or iOS, Windows PCs, Macs, and any device that supports HTML 5. It even allows companies to easily extend the BYOD concept from its traditional mobile device focus to include PCs and Macs that are employee-owned — including hybrid PCs that can function as both a desktop and a tablet.